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2014 NFL schedule: Revenge games around the league

A look at some of the most intriguing contests of the season.

It seems ridiculous to do, but when the NFL schedule comes out, everyone looks ahead at the best matchups of the season, even though the teams in the league still don't know what they will even look like.

However, on paper, there are some potentially big games...and then you can look at the "revenge" games that feature a player or coach facing a previous team.

In the SB Nation Studios video with Matt Ufford above, he goes over the biggest revenge games and biggest matchups. Of course, the Arizona Cardinals aren't mentioned even once. Then again, they weren't even a playoff team last season, so it seems fair to not bring them up when there is no revenge factor and they aren't the biggest team to face...yet.

This season does have some high intrigue games, though. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, with Lovie Smith and Josh McCown, face the Bears. The Eagles and Redskins play each other twice -- DeSean Jackson!! The Broncos and Seahawks have a Super Bowl rematch. There is another Manning/Brady Bowl...and Peyton Manning plays against Andrew Luck and the Colts again this year.

Setting the Cardinals aside, which games on the 2014 NFL slate are you most excited for this season?