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Tyrann Mathieu would be 4th overall pick in 2013 redraft's Bucky Brooks thinks the Cards got huge value for Mathieu.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Just one year after last year's NFL Draft, people are already going back and redoing it based on what the rookies did in their first season.' Bucky Brooks hypothesizes how the GMs would have gone now if they had a do over.

The Cardinals are affected here.

According to Brooks, Tyrann Mathieu, who was drafted by the Cardinals in the third round, would go fourth overall to the Eagles.

The "Honey Badger" is a playmaking machine ideally suited to play in a multiple defense as a safety-nickel back. Mathieu's knack for creating turnovers would make him a Chip Kelly favorite in a draft do-over.

As for the Arizona Cardinals and their fist pick, rather than Jonathan Cooper, who didn't play a down because of a broken leg, Brooks projects that Arizona would have gone with another guard -- Kyle Long.

Long surprised everyone with his play as a rookie. The Cardinals would welcome his toughness and athleticism at the point of attack.

This is a hard pick to argue. Long was fantastic and would have improved the Cards offensive line tremendously.

Knowing what we do now about last year's draft class, who would be your pick for the Cardinals at number seven? Would you have gone a different direction than what Brooks did?