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2014 NFL mock draft: Teddy Bridgewater 'feels right' for Arizona Cardinals

A look at the latest SB Nation mock

The NFL Draft normally would have happened by now. However, with the pushing back of the draft this year, we get more mock drafts, if you like that sort of thing or not. The latest SB Nation mock draft by Dan Kadar is all about the right feel. He puts together the first round,"all about comfort."

For the Arizona Cardinals, the pick that just makes sense to Kadar is Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

If there is one team that could benefit from quarterbacks dropping, it's Arizona. And it's not like Carson Palmer will get his feelings hurt if a quarterback is brought in. He expects the Cardinals to pick a signal-caller. The real question could be whether or not Arizona would take Bridgewater before Fresno State's Derek Carr.

Even though this quarterback class lacks "wow," as head coach Bruce Arians put it, if one of the top quarterbacks falls to Arizona at number 20, it will be fun to see what happens and how the team has those players graded.

General manager Steve Keim has said the team will follow its draft board once it is set. If Teddy B is within the top 20 players ranked on their board, they will pull the trigger. If not, keep walking.

Bridgewater's fall from the top of projections is interesting.

If the Cards were to select Bridgewater, how would you feel, especially with Calvin Pryor still on the board, getting drafted with the very next selection?

Would Bridgewater be the right guy to take over for Carson Palmer in 2015?