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2014 NFL Draft: Who are the top inside linebackers?

SB Nation Studios gives their top 5. Should Arizona target any of these players?

Heading into this year's draft, one position appears to be pretty set in terms of starters. With Daryl Washington and Kevin Minter, the inside linebacker positions should be in good shape. The problem is that there is some uncertainty and little depth.

Washington is likely to face some sort of suspension stemming from his legal issues that led to his one-year probation.

After Washington and Minter, who is still unproven, there is 2013 undrafted rookie Kenny Demens, veteran Lorenzo Alexander and late season practice squad pickup Jojo Dickson.

The inside linebacker position could be one that is targeted in the draft.

According to Dan Rubenstein and Matt Ufford from SB Nation Studios, these are the top five at the position:

1. C.J. Mosley, Alabama
2. Chris Borland, Wisconsin
3. Shayne Skov, Stanford
4. Max Bullough, Michigan State
5. Christian Jones, Florida State

Mosley is the whole package.

Borland is a little short and will not wow you in any facet in particular, but has been very solid.

Skov had some injury issues, but also very skilled.

Bullough also is very physical, perhaps a little out of control sometimes.

Jones is very athletic, could improve at disengaging from blockers, but another great prospect.

Yes, it is tricky with two expected starters already on the roster, especially since Washington has a big contract and is a Pro Bowler. But wouldn't it be great to pick up a guy who could come in for Minter, a thumper, and play in nickel packages, being better in coverage.

The next question is at what point in the draft should the Cardinals target an inside backer?

Of the five guys listed, which would be your favorite and when would you like the Cards to target him?