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2014 NFL Draft: Bruce Arians works out QB Logan Thomas

Does this signal perhaps drafting the signal caller?


The Arizona Cardinals know that at some point they need to draft a quarterback. They have Carson Palmer as their unquestioned starter, but at age 35, the team needs to look to the future.

On Wednesday, fans reacted to a couple of photos that hit social media, where Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians was shown working out Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas.

Here they are:

What does it mean????!!!!

It might have been some pre-draft work to take a look at a guy that is not expected to be drafted in the first round. Arizona won't likely be selecting a quarterback in the first round, so they do need to do homework on guys like Thomas.

He is the size of an "Arians quarterback" at 6-6 and almost 250 pounds, with arm strength and mobility.

It might also have been just a favor for the university. Arians was himself a former Virginia Tech quarterback.

More likely is that it was a mix of both -- draft work and then a bit of a social call.

Now, don't go thinking that just because Thomas is a Hokie that he will be a Cardinal, too. After all, running back Ryan Williams also comes from Virginia Tech and he has not been able to even be active on gamedays.

Seeing these photos, does that get you excited or does it worry you?