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Arizona Cardinals reportedly out of running for HBO's Hard Knocks

That is fine for the head coach.

Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Based on new rules the NFL has created, the league may compel any one of eight teams to be on the yearly training camp special, Hard Knocks, on HBO. Having not made the playoffs, the Arizona Cardinals are one of those teams.

But according to a report on Tuesday by Fox Sports Radio's Tom Looney, the list of teams to be on the show has been narrowed to three -- the Bears, Giants and Steelers.

The Bills, Bears, Cardinals, Giants, Jaguars, Raiders, Rams, and Steelers are the teams that could do the show.

Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has been on the record saying he does not want it in Arizona's camp. If the report is true, there will be nothing to worry about. And the way to avoid it next year would be to make the playoffs.

However, after the report that the list of teams had been narrowed, the league came out and denied that report. Of course, the league has been rather picky lately about reports of information they would like to release on their own. The whole schedule release was weird because it was kept so secret. Then, when a report cam out that it would be released on 'X' day, it was almost as if the league changed it by a day just to spite the report.

So what can we believe? Nothing has really changed.

From a league perspective, the Bears, Steelers or Giants would be fantastic choices because they already have strong followings. Arizona makes an intriguing possibility because of the Super Bowl angle, as the team is viewed as a dangerous up-and-coming team in the NFC West.

Personally, while it would be a distraction for the team, it would certainly provide great entertainment for the fans and it would give the team national exposure, which Arizona typically has lacked.

Plus, if the Cardinals were to be on the show, we might get treated to some Carson Palmer hijinks, like this one when the Bengals were on the show while he was the starter there.