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2014 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals 'like' A.J. McCarron, could 'make sense' in 2nd round

More draft speculation!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

One possible outcome from this year's NFL Draft is that the Arizona Cardinals draft a quarterback to eventually replace Carson Palmer. Most don't expect Arizona to go that direction in the first round, but any time after that would not be a shock.

What might be a shock is a player that the team reportedly likes.

NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah tweeted on Monday that Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron "makes sense" for the Cardinals and he believed he could land with the Cardinals in the second round.

Taking a step further was local reporter and radio host Mike Jurecki, who followed that up with his own insight, saying that the team, in fact, "likes" McCarron.

What does that mean? It means it certainly is not out of the realm of possibilities that McCarron could be selected by Arizona. At the same time, there are undoubtedly scores of players that the team "likes."

In the second round, it would probably still have to be a case where the team "loves" a quarterback to take one that high.

What would you think of McCarron as the future at quarterback? Even more, how fun would that be with Darnell Dockett and McCarron on the same team, considering the tweets Dockett had about McCarron's now fiance?

That would be some rookie fun.