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2014 NFL Draft: Are Arizona Cardinals interested in Logan Thomas as QB or TE?

Arizona worked him out recently.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals recently had head coach Bruce Arians working out Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas. The Cardinals do need to think about a future replacement for Carson Palmer.

However, while the picture tweeted out had Thomas throwing the ball, perhaps the Cardinals are not inly interested in Thomas as a possible quarterback of the future.

According to local reporter and radio host Mike Jurecki, Thomas actually might have more interest from teams as a tight end.

Arizona is looking to upgrade at tight end, and drafting one is definitely a possibility. However, this doesn't necessarily make sense. Arizona already has developmental tight ends on the roster (Darren Fells, Andre Hardy). They already went the route of quarterback turned tight end last year (D.C. Jefferson).

Why in the world would they look at Thomas as a tight end when there are many talented...tight ends?

Perhaps Thomas' future is not a quarterback. However, my guess is that the Cardinals have interest in him, but at quarterback. He fits the physical mold and skillset that Arians likes. He has a high ceiling. He needs to be developed. At tight end? I just don't think so, at least not with Arizona.