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Antonio Cromartie looking healthy in workout video

He wants everyone to know the hip is fine.

Andrew Burton

Arizona Cardinals cornerback Antonio Cromartie said during his introductory press conference that his hip, which bothered him most of last season, is fine. He suffered from a hip flexor strain, and he said it wasn't until about Week 13 that it felt better.

He wants the fans to know that he is indeed healthy, as he, through is trainer, posted a video on Instagram to show that he is fine. He looks explosive and athletic.

This should be a source of excitements for fans, as Cromartie, who has number one corner talent, will be the team's number two corner. He had three interceptions last season, but hopes to, as general manager Stve Keim put it, "manufacture statistics" and pick off a few more passes. opposing quarterbacks tend to avoid throwing to the player covered by Peterson. If that trend continues, Cromartie will get targeted. He is ready.

Watching that video, what are your hopes for the veteran player?