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2014 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals say no to selecting quarterback

It makes sense, but so many people thought this was the year.

Rob Foldy-USA TODAY Sports

Through three rounds, the Arizona Cardinals have not drafted a quarterback. It really should not surprise anyone. Head coach Bruce Arians said he was not really wowed by any of the QBs in the draft. He also has said he feels very comfortable with the three guys he already has in Carson Palmer, Drew Stanton and Ryan Lindley

Reportedly, the team also told Lindley that they would not be drafting a QB early, and Arians said that it would be unlikely that one drafted late would be able to beat out Lindley on the roster. 

Despite that, many fans and media expected it. 

Arians was asked about it after the team made their Day 2 selections. 

He responded as he typically does -- bluntly. He asked why they should have drafted one.

“We’ve got three pretty good ones and you don’t take quarterbacks if they’re not going to beat out the ones you have,” Arians added. “I know people rate quarterbacks. I’ve been doing this a long time. I like ours better.”

He also pointed out that he expects Carson Palmer to be able to play at least a couple of more years. There is no urgency to do anything with the position. 

Of course, general manager Steve Keim said that he believed in bringing a new quarterback every year. Unless something changes on Saturday, fans will be left waiting and wondering when the team will address the whole quarterback of the future idea.