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Arizona Cardinals undrafted free agent signings begin

What undrafted guys are coming to the desert?

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have made their draft picks, but now the "fun" has begun with undrafted free agent signings, tryouts and agreements. 

The news comes in fast and furious, and there have been a number of players to reportedly agree to terms with the Cardinals.

Here are the tweets that have come in and give us some names. It was Mike Jurecki who tweeted the names out. 

  • Zach Bauman, RB, NAU (and local product from Hamilton High School)
  • Kevin Smith, WR, Washington
  • Chandler Catanzaro, K, Clemson
  • Kadeem Williams, OT, Albany State
  • Brandon Sermons, CB, UCLA
  • Glenn Carson, LB, Penn State

Seth Cox has also given us some names of Cards signings as well:

  • Craig Loston, S, LSU (he has landed with the Jags)
  • Corey Washington Jr., WR, Newberry College
  • Anthony Steen, G, Alabama

Other outlets have the following:

We will give you more info as to who they are as soon as we gather the info.