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Logan Thomas is QB of the future...maybe

The young project has work to do.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals decided to indeed draft a quarterback, despite saying they were not going to do so. They selected Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas in the fourth round.  

Thomas was a tight end converted to quarterback, and some believe his future in the league would be brighter at tight end, but that isn't going to happen in Arizona, at least for now. Head coach Bruce Arians quashed that idea from the get go. Thomas "is not going to play tight end. He's a quarterback."

Arians also said that Thomas has "the best arm" he has seen in over ten years. 

General manager Steve Keim believed that there was one QB in the draft who was a franchise quarterback. He believes that Thomas has a chance to be that guy. Who is the other guy? He wouldn't say, but chances are it is Blake Bortles, since he was the only one that the Cardinals never had a chance at drafting. 

Arians did also make it clear that Thomas is not ready to see the field and that he will not be just handed a job. He will have to beat out Ryan Lindley for the number three spot. He will get every chance to do so, as he is expected to play a lot in the preseason. 

The selection of Thomas will make OTAs and training camp a little more intriguing. There is going to be no drama with the first two quarterback spots, but it looks like we will have an all out competition for QB3.