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Drew Stanton will continue to be No. 2 QB for Arizona Cardinals

The selection of Logan Thomas will not affect the veteran's role on the team.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals drafted quarterback Logan Thomas in the fourth round of the NFL Draft. When the pick was made, immediately Ryan Lindley's spot on the roster was made very insecure. 

Lindley, entering his third season, will be in direct competition with Thomas for a spot on the roster. 

When the selection of Thomas was made, the question came up of how Lindley could still make the roster, Reporter Mike Jurecki tweeted  the question, "can Lindley beat out Drew Stanton" for the backup QB spot? Considering the salary implications, it makes sense. Stanton's salary cap number over the next two seasons is $2.6 million and then $3.8 million. Lindley's will be $596,000 and $686,000.

However, head coach Bruce Arians made it very clear -- Drew Stanton is his backup quarterback. "Number two isn't changing," he said to the media after the Thomas pick. 

Arians has a high level of comfort with Stanton in the QB room, having worked with him now for two straight seasons. 

Stanton was one of the very first signings the Cardinals made in free agency in 2013 after Arians was hired as head coach. Stanton, though, has not thrown a pass in a game since 2010.

So it appears that Lindley's days on the roster are limited. Thomas will be given every opportunity to take his spot. Lindley will have to make a big impression if he is going to beat out the pick the team hopes becomes their future starting QB. 

Of course, while Arians said clearly that the backup job isn't going to change, we also know that Arians does not always tell the truth. When asked about comments he made about drafting a quarterback just one day prior to drafting Thomas, he responded saying, "I lie pretty good."

What does that mean? Stanton probably isn't going anywhere, but I can't imagine that they wouldn't make a change if Lindley impressed and Thomas played well enough.