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2014 NFL Draft results: Arizona Cardinals projecting Kareem Martin as 'sack artist'

The young defensive player has a high upside.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

When the Arizona Cardinals drafted 6-6, 272 pound defensive end Kareem Martin out of North Carolina in the third round, most projected him to be developed into an eventual replacement for Darnell Dockett

Bruce Arians and Steve Keim have other ideas, at least to start. After the pick was made, Arians told local media that Martin would be used at outside linebacker in base sets and could go inside or outside in sub packages. He will be like Matt Shaughnessy, only a lot faster. 

He could develop into more of a defensive lineman, as Keim noted (via the team website)

“He’s a guy that really as he has gotten older and progressed, he has continued to grow into his body,” Keim said. “He is 272 (pounds) right now. I think when we drafted Calais (Campbell), he was somewhere around 284. He’s 305 now. The sky is the limit.”

However, at least to start, they expect pass rushing skills. Keim used the phrase "sack artist" to describe Martin later. 

There is reason to like what he could become. 

Check out this play when he was standing up, albeit from the inside. 

 Here is a highlight reel of Martin as well. 


 What do you hope is his future for the Cardinals?