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Arizona Cardinals news 5/13: Williams cut, rookie free agentssigned

Your morning roundup of Cardinals and NFL news.

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Cardinals Blogs | Ryan Williams’ rough road ends in Arizona
Exactly how everything played out may not ever be known, but it was probably time for the Cards to move on and for Williams to see where else he might get a chance.

Contract Won't Derail Patrick Peterson
Cornerback won't "slack off" because he doesn't yet have extension

End of Ryan Williams' era was coming - Arizona Cardinals Blog - ESPN
Some of the least surprising news of the offseason landed in my inbox Monday.

Patrick Peterson of Arizona Cardinals thinks he's worth more than Richard Sherman - ESPN
"I'm making OK money right now, but I'm just not making his money right now," Peterson said with a laugh.

Battle for 3rd spot starts for Logan Thomas - Arizona Cardinals Blog - ESPN
It didn't take long for the Arizona Cardinals to have a quarterback controversy this offseason. But it doesn't involve the starter or even the back-up.


2014 NFL draft: Ranking each team's class
It's human nature to have a knee-jerk reaction to each club's maneuverings and selections after months of preparation and three days of scrutinized decisions. So here are some first impressions for all 32 team drafts, ranked by USA TODAY Sports' Nate Davis to provide some level of quantification.

SB Nation's 2014 NFL Draft Grades

The NFL should stop testing for marijuana -
Instead of fighting a self-defeating battle over image issues, maybe the NFL can just let these guys who spend 40 hours a week crashing into the strongest, fastest, most armored one percent of people in the world smoke pot after a game.

The Carroll Code - Field Gulls
Deciphering Pete Carroll's predraft twitter clues as to the Seahawks' draft plans.

Chart Party, NFL Draft edition: Charlie Strong, recruiting god -
In this episode of Chart Party, we learn three things in the wake of the NFL Draft: Teams love guys named Greg Robinson, teams don't care about stud running backs anymore, and Charlie Strong is a sorcerer.