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ROTB Roundtable: Draft picks, Grades, and 3rd string QB

Less than a week after the draft, the Cardinals community has suddenly found itself facing several new, pressing questions.

Christian Petersen

The ROTB Writing Staff took a swing at three of these.

Don't forget to answer the questions yourself in the comments below!

1) What was your favorite Cardinals pick of the draft?  Least favorite?

Randy Fields: Favorite - SS Deone Bucannon. I'm looking forward to someone who can end the travesty which has been the last three years in Arizona giving up TDs to opposing TEs. Least favorite - Pick 6 WR Walt Powell. I just listened to the draft wrap up and how they compared BA's picks in Indy to picking these two WRs. I hope we have the same success, because there was good to great OL talent there at the 6th round pick, let alone some ILB talent.

Jesse Reynolds: DE/OLB Kareem Martin - I think this guy is going to be a stud. I am surprised the Cardinals want him as an OLB as he reminds me of a Calais Campbell. His power pass rush off the edge is going to be a welcome addition next year!

Jess Root: My favorite pick was Bucannon. I think he will end up being the best safety in the draft. I wanted him in the second round, but since that wasn't going to happen, I would rather have him in the first than not at all. My least favorite? I don't know. That would probably be Walt Powell, although a sixth round pick is a throwaway pick almost, so it doesn't matter. And since he will probably be a good special teams contributor, it is fine. I didn't dislike any of the picks.

2) What grade would you give the Cardinals' draft?

Randy Fields: Current grade - B. Needs were addressed and the undrafted OL talent will help compete and push the current OL. But I have to admit I wanted more OL talent drafted, even though it looks like they got a few steals after the draft.

Jesse Reynolds: N/A? Eh, don't want to cop out so I will say B+. The guys that drop it down for me are Logan Thomas and Walter Powell. Both have grown on me but I feel Thomas is a huge project and Powell looks like he has some good skill sets I feel like better players were available.

Jess Root: I will give it a solid B. They addressed areas that needed addressing. They seemed to get value on many of their picks. They picked guys that have good upside. It's hard to dislike what they did.

3) Who do you think will win the 3rd string job, Ryan Lindley or Logan Thomas?

Randy Fields: Logan Thomas will win. He was drafted by these guys, he has the tools and the time. The bald bros are not going to spend a 4th on their guy and not keep him to develop him. They know that's a DE/ILB/WR/OL talent that they could have had if they didn't pick him there. Lindley will walk.

Jesse Reynolds: Thomas hands down. The kids has a laser, rocket arm. I mean he can friggin SLING it. His vertical passing ability is by and far the best in the draft but his intermediate throws and ability to read the field need a lot of work. The potential is too great and Lindley just isn't near as talented. It's too bad too, I wanted to see if Arians and Moore hand been able to develop him and live up to the "QB Whisper" claim.

Jess Root: I think it will be a miracle that Logan Thomas doesn't get the job. Lindley will have to be better than Stanton to make the roster, and, even then, will be a tough sell. Bruce Arians LOVES Stanton as his number two. So unless Thomas shows absolutely nothing, then it is his spot on the roster.