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2014 NFL Draft grades: NFC West with high grades across the board

The toughest division appears to have improved its talent pool.

Draft grades! The numbers say you want to read them, but then you read them and you realize draft grades are crazy. Rather than draft grades, consider them initial reactions -- does the group of players a team picked up make sense, have upside and have value?

Matt Ufford and Dan Rubenstein both gushed about the drafts that the four teams in the NFC, or as Ufford stated, "the industrial death machine," had.

They had nothing but love for the Rams and the players they selected, especially defensive tackle Aaron Donald, who joins a defensive line that is one of the best in the league. "I see dead offensive lines," says Rubenstein.

The Arizona Cardinals got a solid B+ from the analysts. They described first round pick Deone Bucannon as "a missile" and noted how good the secondary could be, saying it could challenge Seattle for the best in the league. Of course, neither Ufford nor Rubenstein had any love for the selection of Logan Thomas, considering him "a wasted pick."

The 49ers and Seahawks also were praised for their selections.

Essentially, the arms race among the league's just heated up.

How excited (and worried) are you for this upcoming season? How good can this division be?