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WR John Brown catching eyes, could be rookie to watch for Arizona Cardinals

The surprise third round pick seems to be doing everything well so far.

So far, we have not been able to see the new Arizona Cardinals rookies at work. The team has not yet given the media access to the practices the draft picks and undrafted rookies have had so far. 

But there is one rookie that is already starting to get some buzz -- and that would be third round pick John Brown, the speedy receiver out of Pittsburg State. 

According to a tweet by Arizona Republic writer and reporter Kent Somers, Brown is making an impression and causing the first inklings of buzz. 

Speed, running routes and catching the ball...if you succeed at doing all three of those things, you will probably have a solid NFL career.

Interestingly enough, the guy that the Cardinals signed in free agency to fill the speed role was Ted Ginn, who has speed, but has struggled in his career with his hands and route running.

Of course it is really, really early, but can we start projecting Brown as the guy that might get the most significant snaps as the team's slot guy? Could he surpass Ginn on the depth chart, relegating him to return duty? Will Brown be the gem of the draft class this year in terms of production? The Cardinals got Tyrann Mathieu in the third round last year. Will the third round become the magic round for Ariizona?