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Arizona Cardinals have full 90-man offseason roster

How does it look by position?

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

When the Arizona Cardinals were awarded their waiver claim on defensive tackle Christian Tupou, they filled their final spot on their 90-man offseason roster.


Now that it is filled, let us look at the positional breakdown and see how many they have at each position.

There are four quarterbacks.

There are six running backs.

There are 11 wide receivers and six tight ends.

They have 15 offensive linemen on the team -- two centers, three listed at both guard and center, four guards and six tackles.


They have 11 defensive linemen -- four listed as defensive ends and seven listed as tackles.

They have 15 linebackers -- eight inside backers and seven outside backers.

They currently have seven safeties and 10 cornerbacks.

Special teams:

They have one punter, one long snapper and three kickers.