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Ryan Williams signs with Dallas Cowboys

He gets another chance after his tumultuous time in Arizona.

Doug Pensinger

It only took a few days, but running back Ryan Williams has gotten another chance in the NFL. He announced himself on Twitter that he is now a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

He was released early in the week by the Cardinals, which was a surprise move to Williams. But after a tryout in Dallas, the Cowboys have added him to the team. 

His now former teammate Larry Fitzgerald had this to say about Williams and the Cowboys on Twitter himself:

The question of the day for Arizona Cardinals fans is now this -- what do you hope for Williams now?

Some fans are the type that don't care once the player is no longer on the Cardinals. Is that you? Some were fans of Williams himself. He did make an impression on many people. Do you want to see him have a long, successful career? Or, because of your allegiance to the team, would you rather he have a career in which he doesn't do anything special, so that the team does not see another former running back end up playing well elsewhere.

The Cardinals and Cowboys play this season. Will you be rooting for Williams? Will you root for him at all in any of his other games?