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Arizona Cardinals rookie WR John Brown talks about his road to the NFL

The Cards third round pick has worked hard.

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The Arizona Cardinals made a bit of a surprise pick in the third round of the 2014 NFL Draft in selecting Pittsburg State. They introduced him to local media on Thursday (you can watch the video stream above).

Some of the highlights:

Brown said he compares himself to T.Y Hilton and Antonio Brown. I wonder if he came up with those names himself or if those are the names the team wants him to say. Those two receivers were drafted by the Colts and Steelers while Bruce Arians was their offensive coordinator.

Brown had to take a long road to get to the NFL. He tells about how many paths it took to get toe Pittsburg State and the NFL now. He had academic issues and then couldn't make a team because of numbers. His work ethic showed and got him a scholarship just from what he did in practice.

He talked about why he makes plays in the punt return game. He cited his ability to change direction, his field vision and also his blocking.

In terms of demeanor, it is hard not to be impressed. He talks like a kid who will work his tail off. His history says he will.