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2014 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals will seek to trade back, acquire more picks

Trading back somewhere seems likely.


During the media session the Arizona Cardinals held on Thursday, general manager Steve Keim was asked about he possibility of trading up or trading down in the draft this year.

Last year, the team traded back twice, picking up a pair of extra picks. Those picks became Earl Watford and Andre Ellington. Watford will compete for the starting job at right guard, while Ellington was one of the biggest steals in last year's draft.

Keim made it sound like trading down is very likely.

"There are a few scenarios we have talked about that we would consider moving up in the right circumstance, but for the most part, I think our philosophy would be to acquire more picks and move back," he answered. "We do think it's deep enough where I really do think you going to get third round players in the fourth and fifth round, guys who can come in and be impact players for you, I think when it's all said and done, you want to acquire more picks."

If the Cardinals trade down, where do you think it is most likely to happen?

I don't think they will trade down from their first round pick, based on comments they have made about the first 20 players on their draft board. But, at the same time, it's not as if they would play their hand right now and reveal the intent to trade back with the first pick. If I had to pick around in which they trade back, I would say it would be the second round, like they did last year.