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NFL 2014 point spreads: Arizona Cardinals underdogs in 5 of 6 NFC West games

Point spreads are out and you might not be happy about where the Cardinals stand in Vegas.

Dilip Vishwanat

The Las Vegas Sportsbook posted point spreads for the upcoming NFL season. After all, it is time for Vegas to start taking money in wagers.

However, as an Arizona Cardinals fan, you might be a little upset at the respect the Cardinals get. At a glance, the Cards are favored in seven ball games -- an improvement over other seasons. But in the division, they get no love. They are underdogs in four games, favored in one and one game does not have a line yet (Week 17 at 49ers)

Here are spreads week by week (if Arizona is favored, it is bolded):

Week 1 Chargers at Cardinals (-3)

Week 2 Cardinals at Giants (-3)

Week 3 49ers (2.5) at Cardinals

Week 4 BYE

Week 5 Cardinals at Broncos (-9)

Week 6 Redskins at Cardinals (-4)

Week 7 Cardinals (-3.5) at Raiders

Week 8 Eagles at Cardinals (-2)

Week 9 Cardinals at Cowboys (-3.5)

Week 10 Rams at Cardinals (-4)

Week 11 Lions at Cardinals (-2.5)

Week 12 Cardinals at Seahawks (-10.5)

Week 13 Cardinals at Falcons (-4)

Week 14 Chiefs at Cardinals (-2)

Week 15 Cardinals at Rams (-1)

Week 16 Seahawks (-3.5) at Cardinals

Week 17 Cardinals at 49ers (No Line)

If you take the emotion out of the thought, it really isn't that bad. They are favored at home against the Rams, but not on the road against them. That's fair. The Cards haven't beaten San Francisco in years and they are a very popular team to bet on. It makes sense that they would be favored in both games. The Seahawks are the Super Bowl champs and beat up the Cards at in Glendale last season. To bettors, the Cards' win in Seattle would be seen as more of  a fluke or outlier. That won't change betting patterns.

Look up and down the schedule. The lines that the Cards are given are completely logical. Do you agree?

And for a more pressing question -- which game would you consider the surest bet?