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Bobbie Massie vs Bradley Sowell: Tale of the tape.....

One of the biggest battles in camp is going to come down to a few things.... Lets take a look at the match-up....

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

So as it turns out, one of the biggest battles to watch over the next couple of months well into training camp is going to be the match-up between Bobby Massie and Bradley Sowell.  Coming to us via different means, these gentlemen have their shot to make a team that could very well be a contender this year.

Massie was a forth round pick chosen by Ken Whisenhunt to be our right tackle of the future (I would assume).  He was a large man with good run blocking abilities, but lacked the skills to be a good pass protector.  Though we were all sold on his upbringing in the SEC, which is the most like NFL level talent than other conferences, he was the first linemen the Cardinals had drafted before the fifth round by Whisenhunt since 2007, when he who won't be named was taken with the fifth overall pick of that draft.

Bradley Sowell was an undrafted free agent that got on Bruce Arians' good side during the 2012 season in Indy. He was claimed off waivers before the season and allowed "he who won't be named" to be traded to Pittsburgh for a 1970 Ford Pinto (* that may not be an accurate fact)  As it stands right now, he has a legitimate chance to become a starter on this team or at minimum the chance to battle for his spot.

What people don't know is that Bobby Massie and Bradley Sowell were on the same Ole Miss team at the same time and came into the league three years ago.  Both are 6'6" (Sowell is 6'7" full disclosure)  both are approx 315 lbs, and this is both men's last chance to become starters in this league. Massie has all the talent in the world but if you're lazy (are all the children listening?),  you aren't going to amount to a hill of beans in this life.  Sowell by all appearances is a hard working individual, and has to be that way in order to keep up with the Massie's of the world that it comes naturally to.

Both are essentially the same player. Sowell is better at pass protection but not great, Massie is better at run blocking but is easier to get around for the speed rushers.  At the end of the day, the whole battle comes down to who wants it more.  If Massie even puts in a fraction of the work he could be the better player but will he do that?  Sowell has the heart but will that be enough to overcome? Who do you think will be the next starting right tackle on your Arizona Cardinals?