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Arizona Cardinals OTAs Team could be adding a few more players

The team will be trying out more players this weekend.


The NFL is a business and Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim believes in constantly churning the back end of the roster. That means life is never comfortable, especially if you are a player that is on the back end. The offseason roster is 90 players, so players get a shot, but they have to make an impression. However, the team is constantly looking to get more talent. 

Such will be case this weekend. After the three days of OTAs are done for this week, rookies will have their mandatory mini-camp. According to head coach Bruce Arians (as tweeted by Darren Urban), the Cardinals will be bringing in 15-20 players to try out over the weekend. This means there could be cuts coming already. 

The team signed 15 undrafted rookies after the draft, so they might be the players in danger of already being cut, or it might be some of the other younger guys -- previously undrafted rookies, last season's practice squad players, players that were signed to future contracts. 

It is the way the team has to operate. To build for success, you have to constantly bring in more competition. This ideally improves the guys already on the roster or brings in players that are better or will work harder. 

So don't be surprised if there are some roster announcements starting this weekend or at the beginning of next week.