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ROTB Roundtable: Biggest Impact, Logan Thomas, and Best Draft Overall

As the Cardinals' minicamps progress, the team is still left facing a multitude of questions to answer.

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The ROTB Writing Staff took on three of these.

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1) Which rookie do you think will have the biggest impact on the team in the upcoming season?

Alex Mann: It has to be Bucannon doesn't it? 1st round selection, the heir to Adrian Wilson... Both he and John Brown will do some great things this season for the team, and both will have their impact felt early.

Khodder: Troy Niklas, he is going to see the field a lot in his rookie season and can have an impact in multiple facets of the game. His blocking ability as a tight end will prove valuable in the running game and his size and hands will provide a quality option in the passing game.

Jess Root: I'm beginning to think that John Brown will be that guy. I love Deone Bucannon and I think he will be impactful, but having someone like Brown in the slot with his speed, route running and catching ability will be what Bruce Arians. Close second is Troy Niklas because of his ability as an inline blocker. No more will the Cards need to bring out an offensive lineman as their third tight end to telegraph the running game. With Niklas, you can have three tight ends and have a viable play action option.

Jesse Reynolds: Bucannon - I'm not sure if he will be a day one starter but with Mathieu potentially out for the first few weeks he will play a lot of snaps. Man I can't wait to see him drop a hammer on some poor, unsuspecting player!

2) What is your synopsis on Logan Thomas?  Do you think he could be the heir to Carson Palmer?

Alex Mann: Thomas looks the part, and could very well start next season. I honestly see him beating out Drew Stanton as the number two quarterback, despite the fact that Bruce Arians has said Stanton's job is not up for grabs... IF Thomas plays well enough you have to give it to him.

Khodder: I've not been a fan of Thomas at any stage since he was a raw , upside laden sophomore QB at Virginia Tech. He is still the same guy he was two of three years ago which has to worry you with regards a possible issue with ingrained poor habits or his ability to respond positively to coaching. Despite what Arians says the accuracy issues are not an easy fix, nor are the footwork issues or the issues with not feeling pressure. He will make the roster as the handpicked project of the head coach, but I don't see him progressing into anything of note in the NFL. Not a single chance he beats out Stanton fir the number two job and Arians really has his work cut out for him if he wants Thomas to start an NFL game for him anytime soon. Thomas will really be the first test of Arians ability to mold a quarterback.

Long story short. Not a fan, never going to be starter quality, too much work needed.

Jess Root: Obviously it is too early to tell, but while the potential is there, how often do you have a quarterback with accuracy issues get markedly better at it? I am not holding my breath. The fact that he was a fourth rounder means you can risk it, but after the likes of late round flyers like John Navarre, John Skelton and Ryan Lindley (although the jury is still  out on him) without any real accuracy improvement, why would you think that Thomas has a better chance?

Jesse Reynolds: I was not a big fan of the pick and was very vocal about it but my homer ties to the Cardinals are too strong so I began watching all the game film I could on him. After hearing him speak on the Cardinals mothership site I've began to have a change of mind. As Roley would say he speaks well and doesn't sound like an idiot. I'm can't make a judgment yet but I'm starting to believe.

3) Which team had the best draft overall?

Alex Mann: The homer in me says Arizona, because we filled out needs with blue collar players, but with no bias... I'd say it is Jacksonville or Tampa Bay... Both teams got better through the draft, and are rebuilding their franchises.

Khodder: This is easy for me, the Minnesota Vikings, got the best QB in the draft by a large margin. Added multiple quality players in the defensive side of the football. Added a franchise QB, two long-term starters in the front seven. An explosive spot back, a great CB to FS transition player and a potential starter at guard. Wouldn't surprise me at all if in three years the Vikings have 5 or 6 starters from this draft. That is amazing.

Jess Root: You have to be impressed by the Rams in terms of the talent they got at the top of the draft, but also the sheer number of picks makes it very good.

Jesse Reynolds: I hate it but I'm going with the Rams just based on their two first round picks. Donald was my favorite defensive player on day one and while Robinson doesn't thrill me, they got a lot more physical at the LOS on both sides of the ball. Thankfully the rest of their team is "meh."