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Logan Thomas won't be ready overnight

He is afforded the luxury of time right now.

Norm Hall

Arizona Cardinals fourth round draft pick Logan Thomas is getting in some extra reps during the team's mandatory rookie mini-camp on Friday. Rather than "two reps every five" he took every single snap on Friday.

After Friday's practice, Thomas told reporters that it was a "great start" for him. 

He was able to take what he has been learning in the classroom and put it into practice. 

And how has the classroom been going?

"At first it was going slow, but now that I'm understanding a little bit and it's starting to pick up," he explained.  "It just takes time. It's not something that happens overnight and I understand that."

Everything Thomas said makes sense. He is a young guy who still needs to learn the offense. He isn't expected to play during the 2014 season. While the team expects players like Deone Bucannon and Troy Niklas, and even John Brown and Kareem Martin to learn and make contributions now, Thomas can take his time in understanding everything.