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Memorial Day: Rob Moore remembers Pat Tillman

The former Cardinals receiver was close friends with the fallen football player and soldier.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Being Memorial Day, it is a day in which Arizona Cardinals fans will probably remember Pat Tillman, the former Arizona State Sun Devil and Arizona Cardinals who enlisted in the Army, eventually dying in the service of our country. 

A man who also remembers him (via the Buffalo Bills official team site) is former Cardinals receiver and now Bills receivers coach Rob Moore. 

Moore was Tillman's teammate in 1998 and, after a scuffle in non-contact drills, became very close friends. 

As many have already attested, Tillman was different than other football players. 

“I remember distinctly, one of the conversations we had was how disappointed he was in himself because his exact words were, ‘I haven’t done a damn thing. My grandfather fought in a war and his dad fought in a war and I’m just a football player. I haven’t done anything and that doesn’t sit well with me.’ We had that conversation."

That is what drove him to leave the NFL and millions of dollars to serve the country. 

It isn't a road that everyone needs to or even should travel, but it is what made him special and it is just another one of many, many stories that we don't hear because so many of the men and women serve and even die without the fame and recognition that Tillman had. 

We honor all of them today.