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Arizona Cardinals OTAs: Bruce Arians wants to add another linebacker

Depth in the wake of an expected suspension of Washington has the team wanting more help.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Despite linebacker Kevin Minter looking ready to take over in a leadership role and the addition of veteran Larry Foote, there are still questions with the depth of the inside linebacker position with the Arizona Cardinals

With Daryl Washington, Kevin Minter and Larry Foote, they have a Pro Bowler, an up-and-comer and a proven veteran (if he can avoid injury). Veteran Lorenzo Alexander also has played some inside linebacker. After that, there is little experience.

Plus, Washington is expected to be facing some sort of suspension, so the depth will be tested. 

For that reason head coach Bruce Arians said the team will be looking at the players available or ones that could become available. 

“I’d like to add another player if there’s one possible that could beat this line," he said to reporters after practice on Tuesday.  "I like some of our young guys and a couple of the rookies are looking okay. So we’ll just see how it goes.”

Currently on the roster are Washington, Foote, Minter, Alexander, four-year pro Keenan Clayton, as well as youngsters Jonathan Brown, Glenn Carson, Kenny Demens and JoJo Dickson

There are a number of players available, but all have some issues. 

Is there anyone available still that the Cardinals should take a look at to add to the depth? Should they ride their younger players or go with Alexander to back up Minter and Foote is and when Washington is suspended?