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Arizona Cardinals OTAs: Ted Ginn doing well without a lot of WR experience

Bruce Arians is pleased so far with the free agent pickup.

Scott Cunningham

The Arizona Cardinals wanted to add speed to the wide receiver room and were successful in doing so, signing Ted Ginn to a three-year free agent contract, and drafting John Brown in the third round. 

Ginn is doing well so far in his role on the team, where he is pegged to be the team's third receiver, replacing Andre Roberts. Ginn, though, doesn't have a ton of NFL experience at receiver, according to head coach Bruce Arians, who was asked about Ginn's progress after OTA practice on Tuesday. 

“He doesn’t have that much experience as a wideout surprisingly; I have no idea why," Arians said. "Most of his years were kick returning other than a couple of years in Miami. He’s been an outstanding route runner and catching the ball really well. He just adds speed to the core where we haven’t had much speed.”

The "I have no idea why" is perhaps the most telling of what he said. That statement shows that it is crazy that he hasn't gotten more work at receiver. It means he is practicing well. 

The little bit I saw out of him was good. He made some nice catches in traffic and showed good hands. 

His hands have been the subject of scrutiny in his NFL career. He had 36 receptions and five touchdowns in 2013 with the Panthers. His career high was 56 catches for 790 yards and two scores in 2008. 

What can he produce in 2014? Hopefully something more like 2008 than 2009-2012, where he caught a combined  33 passes on three seasons.