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Why the Arizona Cardinals will win 12 games this year

We examine why the Arizona Cardinals could possibly win 12 games this year...

Hit the Tight Ends....Hard
Hit the Tight Ends....Hard
Norm Hall

Looking back on last year's 10-6 record, I can find hope that your Arizona Cardinals can be just two games better than last year.  The team had several problems that were fixed this offseason. That hopefully puts them in the 12-win range, which should be enough to get the team at least a wild card.   Here are the main issues we saw last season:

1) We couldn't cover a TE to save our life (Deone Bucannon was drafted as a large physical safety to reduce the threat from the TE position.)

2) Our Left Side of the line sucked a fat one (With Jonathan Cooper coming back, and Jason Veldheer being signed this offseason, it looks like we are set on the left side for the next four years, at least.)

3) We lacked the extremely fast receiver to at least have a deep threat (With the addition of Ted Ginn in free agency and John Brown in the draft, we have that speed we are looking for in the slot, plus they can be punt and kick returners that can be game changers.)

Head coach Bruce Arians and general manager Steve Keim are extremely smart.  By addressing these issues, they make the team much stronger while keeping almost everyone from a 10-win team (Karlos "never going to win a championship in Cleveland" Dansby notwithstanding).  The line will be able to keep Palmer up longer to allow for more time to get our receivers open or to allow Ginn and Brown to just run by everyone, and we clog a major hole in our defense by having Mini-A-Dub (patent pending) roaming the defensive backfield.

Also in the secondary we have Patrick Peterson as our number one corner, leaving the older and aging Antonio Cromartie to man up on the likes of Eddie Royal, Anquan Boldin, Doug Baldwin, and Terrance Williams. If we are able to get Tyrann Mathieu back sometime this season, we might have the best secondary in the entire NFL.

Going back to the O-Line this year, with major battles in camp shaping up this year, it should only make the entire offensive line better this coming season.  If Bobby Massie can play up to his potential, then we are looking at maybe a Top-10 line in run blocking.  How good will that make the offense?

Either way Bruce Arians and Co.  have us going in the right direction. The team was able to make adjustments (is everyone listening, Ken Whisenhunt?)  that allow the team to play to its strengths and minimize its weaknesses. Playing as a team this year, no matter what person is in there, will allow us to get through this season with 12 wins and get us into the playoffs for the first time in six years.  GO CARDINALS

Up Next week...... Why we will lose 12 games this season.......