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2014 NFL Draft: Arizona Cardinals appear to have some confidence in Ryan Lindley

Arizona reportedly not going to take a QB early.


There is some interesting information out there regarding quarterbacks, the NFL Draft and the Arizona Cardinals.

Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians said that this year's crop of quarterbacks lacks "a wow factor," saying he did not see a star in there.

However, general manager Steve Keim, when talking to the media on Thursday, said, "There are a few quarterbacks that we like in this draft and we think they fit what we do."

Then Arians said,  "If you think a third-round guy is going to come in and beat out Ryan Lindley, that's tough to do."

So it sounds like they don't necessarily like the most highly rated guys, but then drafting one late would be tough because Lindley would be him out.

Now, there is even more. Sources say that the team has told Ryan Lindley that they will not be drafting a QB early. Whether that means just Day 1 is out of the question or Day 2 is as well, it does mean one thing -- they like Lindley.

Now, fans have a bad taste in their mouth from 2012 when it comes to Lindley. He was one of the worst to have ever seen the field of play.

But here is what we know. Steve Keim clearly sees the talent, as he was a part of the war room that drafted him. He stood up for Lindley last offseason when the rest of the quarterbacks were jettisoned out of town.

Arians now has made comments to lead one to believe that Lindley has made progess.

What are we to make of this?

It might just be that the team might believe that, if Carson Palmer is out of here after this season, that they will give Drew Stanton and Lindley a shot at the starting job. Crazy, right?

Maybe, just maybe, Lindley has made big progress with the coaching staff.

Could Ryan Lindley end up being the Cardinals starting QB i 2015? I don't think it is too far fetched.