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2014 NFL mock draft grades: Arizona Cardinals get B, B+ for picks of Ealy, Bucannon

Going defense early seen as good plan for Arizona

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Draft grades? Already? Well, the mock draft that the SB Nation bloggers did is over, and you have to grade them, right? Of course! So the readers were put to the test and they graded the picks.

For the Arizona Cardinals, I selected Kony Ealy (pick and explanation here) in the first round and Deone Bucannon in the second round (pick and explanation here).

The grades came in for both picks and they were good. the readers gave the Ealy pick a B overall, with a total rating of 2.99 out of a four-point scale.

It was the pick of Bucannon that was fantastically received. It received the highest grade of the second round, worth a B+. The numerical value was 3.44, which was the fourth highest grade of the both rounds combined.

Interestingly enough, not a single pick was given an A and no pick was given a failing grade.

The lowest graded pick? That belongs to the Rams' pick of johnny Manziel with the second pick overall. The readers are not fans of Johnny Football.

What would you give the two picks I made for the Cardinals? Give it a grade, too!