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Arizona Cardinals begin Phase 2 off offseason program

A look at what to expect in these two weeks.


After two weeks of working only with the strength and conditioning staff, the Arizona Cardinals now enter Phase 2 of their offseason program.

What is allowed now?

Phase two is a three-week stretch during which on-field workouts are allowed. However, they are limited to individual player instruction and drills as well as team practice conducted on a "separate'' basis, according to a league release. No live contact is permitted and team offense vs. team defense is prohibited.

The team released a video of some of the highlights from the first day of team drills. You see a little of everything you would expect -- Andre Ellington running the ball and catching passes, Sam Acho practicing his pass, Ted Ginn catching long passes. Ryan Williams even makes an appearance in front of the camera catching a pass.

What will we see? Not a lot. But perhaps we can make some noise about who is running with the ones and who is not.

What do you hope to see in offseason Phase 2?