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2014 NFL Draft: Prospects Seth thinks Arizona Cardinals should avoid

While many of these prospects are highly regarded by many, there are red flags on the field (maybe off as well) that make me pause.


Yesterday was simply a look at who are my favorite prospects, not necessarily who I think will be the best players at their respective positions, but who I enjoy watching play the game the most.

On the flip side there are some prospects in this draft that I would not want to see on the Arizona Cardinals, that's not to say that they will not be successful, they just have something about him that just doesn't sit well with me.

Here's my "Please don't draft them Arizona" team.

Quarterback: Zach Mettenberger, LSU

Mettenberger has a strong arm, is fearless within the pocket, and understands the workings of a pro style offense.

The problem is Mettenberger is a dinosaur of a quarterback prospects, a stand still, long wind up type who needs a dominant offensive line, and fantastic receivers to be effective.

Then there is the off the field stuff, that just keeps popping up, as he was one of the red flagged drug test at the combine because of urine dilution. While there's no positive test, this is a troubling continuation of whispers of off the field problems.

Running Back: Tre Mason, Auburn

While Mason had an excellent season at Auburn as their bell cow running back, who shows good patience, balance and a good burst to and through the hole, but he seems like a one trick pony.

Mason was never effective in the passing game as a receiver or as a blocker, and isn't a dynamic athlete.

A between the tackles type runner who lacks the size/speed combo to be an every down back early in his career, Mason needs too much help for my taste.

Wide Receivers: Kelvin Benjamin, Florida State; Donte Moncrief, Mississippi; Martavis Bryan, Clemson

While all three are dynamic, big bodied wide outs, they all never produced at a consistent clip, despite having stand out measurements and speed.

It is always concerning when players who have all the tools don't put it together against lower level competition and are expected to do so in the NFL.

Tight End: Eric Ebron, North Carolina

While Ebron is a dynamic athlete with excellent potential, his high drop rate, and lack of blocking ability makes me hesitant to see him being more than an athletic freak with issues as an all around player.

Offensive line- Cyrus Kouandjio, Alabama, Gabe Jackson, Mississippi State, Tyler Larsen, Utah State, Cyril Richardson, Baylor, Antonio Richardson, Tennessee

These players all have something in common, they remind me of Levi Brown, with top notch physicality, but an inability to make plays in the passing game consistently, and look like the type that get worn down as the game moves along.

Defensive line: Timmy Jernigan, Florida State; Daniel McCullers, Tennessee; Ego Ferguson, LSU

The all hot and cold team as I like to call them.

These three can dominate a game at times, but too often they disappear and take plays off.

Linebackers: Carl Bradford, OLB ASU; Chris Borland, ILB Wisconsin; Shane Skov, ILB Stanford; Christian Jones, OLB Florida State

While I like Bradford and wish him nothing but success, he scares me as a player because I see a lot of Cody Brown (Cardinals legendary bust) I want him to succeed, and hope he does, I just don't want to see it on live (if that makes sense).

The rest are players who have skills, but seem very one trick in my opinion, and I don't see them being dominant enough at the next level.

Defensive backs: Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB Nebraska; Calvin Pryor, S Louisville; Keith McGill, CB Utah; Justin Gilbert, Oklahoma State

While I copped out on the safety position, these three corners all offer tantalizing size, athleticism and skills, but they all have flaws they need to overcome in order to make it, and those flaws all have to do with their ability in coverage.

Pryor is a heat seeking missile that's target panel is broken, as he plays reckless, and misses too many tackles consistently.

On top of that Pryor isn't a deft coverman, something the Cardinals need to combat the tight ends that they will face in 2014.

Who are some prospects you want no part of?