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2014 NFL Draft preview podcast: Focusing Arizona Cardinals


After a bit of a hiatus, Revenge of the Birds Radio is back on the air tonight at 9PM Arizona time. Seth Cox and I will be talking NFL Draft on the podcast.

We will be talking about a number of things related to the draft.

1. All the players connected to the Cards in the may mock drafts. 2. What about the QB position for Arizona -- what are names and round for possible drafting? Do you believe in this Lindley thing, where he has been told no QB early?

3. Where will the top QBs land? Who will be the best of the group? Who will bust?

4. Talk potential needs -- safety, pass rusher, TE, RT, CB, DL, WR, QB -- names of favorite at the position and round they could be targeted

5. Pros, cons of names thrown around for the 20th pick: Pryor, Dennard, Shazier, Carr/Bridgewater/Manziel, Zack Martin, Ealy, Dee Ford, Nix

6. Guy that you wish Cards would have a chance at but probably won't

7. Trade or no trade?

8. Prediction pick for Arizona:

I hope you listen in live. Join us here to do so.  If you want, you can even call in. Call in live at 646-478-3787 or leave a voice mail ahead of time: 480-409-1727.

We will take Twitter questions too. Send them to @revengeofbirds