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89 days to kickoff: What Cardinals have worn No. 89?

Another day, another number.

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We continue the countdown to the start of the regular season for the Arizona Cardinals. There are 89 days until the Cardinals host the San Diego Chargers.

So now we look at jersey number 89. Since we are no longer in the 90s, there are a lot more players, dating back to the 50s.

Right now, No. 89 belongs to tight end John Carlson, acquired as a free agent this offseason. We will see how he impacts the team.

In 2013, it belonged to undrafted receiver Javone Lawson, who spent the season on injured reserve.

In 2011 and the 2012 preseason, it belonged to DeMarco Sampson, a seventh round pick by the Cards. The receiver out of San Diego State looked great in his first training camp and preseason, and played special teams for the team and caught three passes. He struggled in the 2012 preseason and was cut.

From 2007-2010, it was worn by tight end Ben Patrick. He was another seventh rounder. He looked the part, but struggled to stay healthy. He played 42 games in four seasons. His best season was his final one, when he caught 15 passes, although in 2009 he caught 12 passes, but two for touchdowns. He also caught a touchdown in the Super Bowl.

Adam Bergen, an undrafted tight end who played two season for the Cards, wore 89 in 2005-06. He started 16 games in two seasons, catching 43 passes and two touchdowns. He was a decent and unremarkable player.

Receiver Nate Poole wore it in 2004, but it was the only season he wore it. In his previous two seasons, he wore 19. That season he played in nine games and caught nine passes. However, he is most known for a 2003 Week 17 touchdown reception as time expired, which defeated the Minnesota Vikings, knocking them out of the playoffs and giving the Packers a postseason berth. The win also kept the Cardinals from the number one pick in the draft. They would pick third and draft Larry Fitzgerald.

In 2003, Larry Foster wore it. He played and started one game that season and caught one pass.

From 1999-2002, David Boston donned No. 89. He was a fantastic talent, drafted by the Cards with the eighth overall pick in 99. He had two seasons over with over 1100 yards receiving, including a league leading 1598 yards in 2001 to go with 98 receptions. However, he was not a great person and there were whispers of steroids, for which he would be suspended later on, the Cards let him go in free agency after 2002. He would never be the same player.

In 1997 and 1998, No. 89 belonged to receiver Fred Brock. He made the team as an undrafted rookie. He played in 14 games in two seasons and caught three passes.

Jarius Hayes, who played in Arizona in 1996 and 1998, wore 89 in '96 (he wore 48 in '98). He played four games in his first stint and 16 games in '98. He had no stats.

Tight end Wendell Gaines wore it in 1995. He was undrafted and played one season in the league. He played all 16 games, starting 11, catching 14 passes and two touchdowns. He would later play for the Arizona Rattlers in the Arena League.

Tight end Terry Samuels wore 89 in 1994 (and wore 44 in 1995). The Cards drafted him in the sixth round in '94. He played in 20 games in two seasons and caught 10 passes.

Tight end Pat Beach played the last of his 11 years in Arizona. He played all 16 games. I want to say that he was the team's long snapper (that's what my memory wants me to believe), but he had no stats for the team.

From 1989 to 1993, the number belonged to big, blocking tight end Walter Reeves. I remember him as a guy that could block but had awful, awful hands. He was drafted in the second round and played five seasons of the eight he played in the league for the Cardinals.

I do not know anything about the rest of these players. They predate my following the team.

In 1988, tight end Marc Walczak wore it. He was in all 16 games, but never caught the ball.

In 1987, It was tight end William Harris. He played 10 games and caught one pass. He played for two more seasons and two more teams.

The rest of the way, I will give names and years. I will leave it to others here to fill in the history in the comments below.

1986, Cap Boso

1981-86, Greg LaFleur (I have heard this name)

1979-1980, Gary Parris

1978, Warren Anderson

1972, Tom Beckman

1969-1970, Robert Brown

1966-1968, Dave Long

1956-1958, Chuck Weber

1955, Frank McPhee

1952, Denver Mills

Any memories of these guys? Any player that would stand out as the best?