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Arizona Cardinals 'had conversations' with Buccaneers about QB Mike Glennon

But that isn't surprising.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

In the offseason before the NFL Draft, there was a rumor that the Arizona Cardinals might try to acquire quarterback Mike Glennon from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs had signed Josh McCown and there was a new coaching staff, so it was questionable how much they would believe in Glennon, who was drafted in 2013.

Nothing ever happened, but the conversations did take place. Tampa general manager Jason Licht was on Fox Sports Radio 910 and said that he did have talks with Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim, under whom he worked before being hired by Tampa.

In the end, Licht said, "(Keim's) not getting him," referring to Tampa's second-year quarterback. Head coach Lovie Smith has also said publicly that Glennon is their quarterback of the future.

So the interest was there -- it was there in the draft, too. But, as expected, nothing happened.

The question is this, though. If Licht was part of the team that liked Glennon and now is in Tampa, why would he want to get rid of him, as it was rumored to be, considering the acquisition of McCown. And why would Keim be willing to acquire a player that Licht no longer felt was their future?

It all meant nothing, although it shows that Keim and company were actively looking to the future at quarterback. The team has since drafted Logan Thomas and will develop him to hopefully take over for Carson Palmer, whenever that happens to be.