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Kickoff to countdown: 84 days left, what Cardinals have worn No. 84?

Another day, another number.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

There are exactly 12 weeks (84 days) left until the Arizona Cardinals start the regular season on Monday Night Football.

So the focus is on number 84, worn by many players since 1950, most of which have been forgettable.

It is currently worn by tight end Rob Housler, who to fans is the king of hype and disappointment.

But let's go back in time.

Before Housler, it was tight end Anthony Becht in 2009. He caught seven passes and one touchdown.

In 2008, it belonged to tight end Jerame Tuman, who played three games for Arizona that season. He had played the previous eight in Pittsburgh.

In 2007, it was tight end Tim Euhus, who came the Cardinals after being Pittsburgh -- part of the Ken Whisenhunt "Steelers West movement. He appeared in 10 games and had no stats.

Tight end Teyo Johnson wore it in 2005, playing in seven games and catching three passes.

In 2004, it was worn by receiver Lawrence Hamilton, who appeared in one game.

Tight end Mike Banks played for Arizona in 2002 and 2003. He wore 80 in '02 and 84 on '03. He appeared in a total of 18 games those two seasons, and that was it.

It was return specialist Arnold Jackson, who donned No. 84 in 2001 and 2002. He was the team's main punt returner those two seasons, averaging 11.5 yards per return in 01 and a paltry 5.9 in 02.

From 1997-2000, tight end Chris Gedney wore it. I only remember him because of Madden 98. He was on that team.In three seasons (he did not play in 1999), he caught 55 passes and scored five touchdowns.

Receiver Andy McCullough wore it in 1999, appearing in two games, catching three passes.

In 1995-96, it was receiver Marcus Dowdell. He was the team's punt and kick returner in '96 and caught 20 passes that season, too.

Receiver Gary Clark, famous for his years as a Redskin. He was reunited with his former OC Joe Bugel, joining the Cards after eight years in Washington. He caught 63 passes that year and returned in 1994 to play under Buddy Ryan. It was one of the classic signings of a player past his prime the Cardinals tended to make back then.

Receiver Tony Lomack wore it in 1991. He played one game and returned one kick.

Most assuredly the best of the players to wear the number, from 1985 to 1990 it was receiver J.T Smith. In Arizona, he was in the twilight of his career, but in 1987, the team's final season in St. Louis, he led the league in receptions (91) and receiving yards (1117). He followed that up with 86 and 986 in 1988 when the team came to Arizona.

Receiver Clarence Collins wore it for one game in 1987.

Now for the rest:

Tight end Jay Novacek wore it as a rookie in 1985.

1984 -- TE John Goode

1982-83 --- WR Mike Schumann

1978-1981 -- WR and DB Dave Stief (He wore 21 in 1980 and 1982)

1975-77 -- WR Ike Harris

1972-73 -- WR Walker Gillette

1961-67 -- DE/LB Joe Robb

1954 -60 -- DE Leo Sugar

1952-53 -- E Cliff Anderson

1953 -- E Gern Nagler

Was there anyone better than Smith? Any memories of any of the other guys?