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Arizona Cardinals to make announcement about Kurt Warner Wednesday afternoon

Speculation is the Ring of Honor.

Christian Petersen

Tuesday evening, the Arizona Cardinals announced that they will hold a press conference on Wednesday at 1 PM Arizona time. Team president Michael Bidwill and former quarterback Kurt Warner will participate.

What for?

That was not announced.

Speculation is that the franchise will add Warner to the Ring of Honor.

That makes sense, based on the other options. One possibility is an announcement that the team is hiring Warner to some position, but that seems less likely because Warner already has a cushy job that pays him very well with NFL Network.

Could he have his number retired? That seems less likely because he has not died. For the numbers that have been retired, most involve tragedy.

It has been four years since his retirement from the NFL and five since he led the team to the Super Bowl.

If it is being added to the Ring of Honor, then the only thing left is to speculate when it will occur. It could be on Monday Night Football in Week 1. That would give the team the national stage to do it.

Another week that would make sense is Week 10, when Arizona hosts the St. Louis Rams on November 9. He made a name for himself, won a Super Bowl and multiple MVP awards while playing for the Rams.

Any thoughts? Are you excited for this announcement?