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Countdown to kickoff: 82 days left, what Cardinals have worn No. 82?

Another day, another number.

Christian Petersen

There are 82 days left until the Arizona Cardinals play their first 2014 regular season game.

That means we look at jersey number 82.

Currently, and since 2009, it has been worn by long snapper Mike Leach. He is a fantastically anonymous player, which is exactly what you want in your long snapper.

Before that, tight end Leonard Pope wore it from 2006-2008. Pope, a third round draft pick, was yet another disappointment at the position. He did score five touchdowns in 2007, but he was maddeningly inconsistent and prone to getting called for false start penalties.

Two players donned 82 in 2005 -- returner J.J. Moses for two games and receiver Charles Lee for six games. I don't remember either, so that will tell you something about them.

Lorenzo Diamond was an undrafted rookie tight end in 2004. He played five games, catching three passes while wearing 82.

In 2003, it was worn by backup receiver and return specialist Kevin Kasper. He actually wore 11 in 2002. He caught one pass and returned seven kicks.

A player I remember, receiver MarTay Jenkins, wore it in 2001 and 2002. He played four years for the Cardinals, wearing 19 for the first two years and 82 in his last two. He was the team's kick returner and was a backup receiver. In '02, he returned one 95 yards for a score and he led the league in kick return average with 28.0 yards per return. He also caught 70 passes for the Cards.

In 1999 and 2000, returner Mac Cody wore it. he returned punts and kicks those two seasons. He even caught 23 passes and scored one touchdown.

No. 82 belonged to receiver Ronnie Anderson for four games in 1998. He caught an eight-yard pass.

In 1997, it belonged to receiver and returner Kevin Williams. Williams was a great returner for the Cowboys when they were winning championships in the 90s. He came to Arizona for one season. He averaged over 11 yards per punt return and over 24 yards per kick return that year. He also caught 40 passes.

In 1996, it was receiver Steve Anderson. He was with the team in 1995, but wore No. 43 that season. He played in eight games and caught four passes.

In 1994, punt returner Patruck Robinson wore it.

Tight end Butch Rolle wore it in 1991 and 1992.

In 1989, two players wore it. For seven games, it was kick returner Daryl Usher. For five game sit was receiver Phil McConkey. I remember his name for some reason. Usher? Never.

And the rest...

1988 -- TE Greg Baty

1987 -- WR Ron Brown

1985-86 -- TE Doug Marsh (In seven seasons in St. Louis, he also wore 80 and 87)

1983-84 -- WR Steve Bird

1982 -- Ricky Thompson

1978-81 -- DL Bob Pollard

1974 -75 -- WR-TE Earl Thomas

1968-71 -- DE/DT Joe Schmiesing

1965-66 -- DE Mike Melinkovich

1953-56 -- DE Tom Bienemann

1951 -- DT Lou Ferry

1950 -- DT John Goldsberry