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Kurt Warner's Ring of Honor entry is... sadly the right call

When one of the best quarterbacks in team history played less than four full seasons worth of games, it makes you take a look at the history.

Christian Petersen

The first thing that needs to be said is that Kurt Warner was one of the most pivotal players in the history of the Arizona Cardinals.  He did more than any quarterback in the history of the Arizona based team, and in that time managed to become the fourth most prolific touchdown thrower in it's long history (100), while also passing for the fourth most yards (15,843) and winning the fifth most games (27), all in only 57 starts and 61 games played with the Cardinals from 2005-2009.

Read that long winded first paragraph again, Warner only threw for 100 touchdowns in his time here in Arizona, won only 27 games, and threw for only 15,843 yards, but in doing so he entered the upper echelon of quarterbacking in the Cardinals history books.

There's nothing against Warner in this scenario, he deserves it for what he did in his short, successful time here in Arizona, but it speaks volumes to the terrible history of the Cardinals.

Warner took the team to heights they have never been to before... and since. In reality, that is the reason he is entering the Ring of Honor.

He gets in for the fact that the Arizona Cardinals have a history of losing, and for two magical seasons, that history was wiped clean.

How great was Warner in those two seasons? He didn't even win a Super Bowl and he's still getting in the Ring of Honor, before a guy like Larry Centers and Jake Plummer (who may have been the sole reason for the Cardinals getting their new stadium).

What about Neil Lomax?

What about Jim Hart?

Does that mean that Anquan Boldin, Darnell Dockett, and Lyle Sendlein all get in?  What about Karlos Dansby?

How low is the bar I guess is my question?

I love Kurt Warner, he's probably my third or fourth favorite Cardinal I have had the honor of watching in my 28 years here on earth, but is three and a half seasons worth of work worthy of the Ring of Honor?

Unfortunately for the Arizona Cardinals, in their history, it is.