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Bruce Arians 'does not think we have plenty of time' to learn offense and get things right

Carson Palmer explains the demands of the Cardinals head coach.


Arizona Cardinals head coach is demanding. He wants success and is a little different than other head coaches, according to quarterback Carson Palmer.

Palmer was a guest on the Doug and Wolf Show on Arizona Sports 98.7 and, among many other things, was asked about working with Arians.

The question was almost jokingly asked -- whether Palmer liked Arians last year when he was having to learn the offense. Palmer explained that "it was a rough first couple of months" because of how much Arians demands of his players. At the same time, Palmer really likes that about his coach.

Palmer explained that it doesn't matter how much experience a player has in the league, Arians will be equally demanding on all players. And when it come to learning the offense and knowing assignments, Arians instills urgency, to the point of sometimes being "unrealistic," in the words of Palmer.

"If you have a playbook in your hand, the offense should be like the back of your hand, really, and that’s what makes him (Arians) a little bit different," explained Palmer. "There’s no ‘let’s take our time, we have plenty of time.’ He does not think we have plenty of time. He wants everyone to know it right now."

That goes for newcomers Ted Ginn and John Carlson, who just joined the team this offseason.

Palmer said such demands are sometimes "unrealistic" and "tough," but that's what a player wants.

"You don't want a coach that's a patty-cake coach," he said. "You want a coach that's forcing you and willing you to get better, and that's what Bruce Arians."