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Countdown to kickoff: 80 days left, what Cardinals have worn No. 80?

Another day through jersey lore.

Christian Petersen

There are now 80 days until the Arizona Cardinals regular season debut, so we will look at the history of jersey number 80. It has mostly been an insignificant number.

Tight end Andre Hardy now wears the number. He is a former basketball player trying to make the transition football. He is super athletic.

In 2011 and 2012, it was Isaiah Williams, who was nothing more than a practice squad guy.

After wearing No. 85 early in his career, receiver Early Doucet wore 80 from 2008-2010.

From 2004-07 it was receiver Bryant Johnson, the disappointing first round receiver that was drafted along with Calvin Pace instead of Terrell Suggs when the Cardinals traded down.

Backup receiver Jason McAddley wore 80 in 2003. He had worn 83 in 2002.

Tight end Mike Banks wore 80 in 2002 and switched to 84 in 2003.He played 18 games in two seasons with zero stats.

Tight end Terry Hardy wore 80 from 1998-2001. He was a starter for two and a half seasons.

Tight end Pat Carter wore it in 1996 and 1997. He played the final two seasons of his eight in the NFL for the Cards, catching 33 passes and scoring two touchdowns.

Receiver Bryan Reeves wore it in 1994 and 1995. His contribution was catching 20 passes in 19 games. He scored once.

Tight end Chad Fann wore 80 in 1993. He played one game that season. He wore 86 for two seasons after that, catching 17 passes.

From 1990-92, it was John Jackson. He was the team's punt returner in 1991.

Tight end Willie Wright also wore it in 1992.

Tight end Rob Awalt wore 80 from 1987-89. He was a third round pick by the Cards and was productive. In three seasons, he caught 114 passes and scored 10 TDs. He left in free agency with Jay Novacek to the Cowboys, but he never made any sort of impact there.

Here are the rest. I have heard of none of them (and many of the guys since coming to Arizona I don't remember either.)

1987 -- TE Bob Keseday

1982-84 -- TE Doug Marsh (he also wore 87 and 82 in his Cards career)

1980-81 -- TE/T Chris Combs

1979 -- TE Bill Murrell

1978 -- TE Eason Ransom, WR Tom Southard

1975 -- P, TE Jeff West

1972-74 -- TE Jim McFarland (he also wore 83)

1967- 71 -- WR Dave Williams

1961-63 -- DE/LB/G Ed Henke

1959 -- DE John Tracey

1951-56 -- DE Don Stonesifer

1950 -- DE/DB Mal Kutner

Are there fond memories of any of these players? Who was the best? Maybe Awalt?