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Julio Jones would take Patrick Peterson over Richard Sherman

More on the offseason debate.

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco sat down with Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones and the topic of the video was about cornerbacks -- would he take Patrick Peterson or Richard Sherman?

The result?

Jones would take Peterson.

"Patrick Peterson, he stays with me," Jones said. "I've been playing Pat since college. Me and him have had our share of battles. We go back and forth, we've got respect for each other. He's not a trash talker or anything. We just compete."

Again, we see how Sherman loses a little respect because in his team's scheme, he lines up only on one side of the field.

Of course, since Jones and Peterson faced each other a lot in college, he might be a little biased. The SEC loves to stick up for the SEC.

For those that would take Peterson over Sherman, you have some more fuel to support your thought -- an All-Pro receiver thinks Peterson is the better of the two.

If you side on Sherman's side, then you get no help today. Assuredly, though, there will be another receicer to say Sherman is better .