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Carson Palmer by the numbers: Passing numbers by down and distance

Yet another look at Carson Palmer.

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As we continue to use the Pro Football Focus series on quarterbacks and their numbers broken down, we now move to throwing sorted by down and distance. PFF's article breaks down all the league's quarterbacks.

This will focus only on Carson Palmer.

The PFF article did not give numbers on first down becausethat was done in another post. Here is the info again:

Palmer dropped back to pass 231 times on first down. He was sacked 17 times (of the 41 times he was sacked). He scambled once.

His numbers: 140/213 for 1741 yards (65.7 percent complete), eight touchdowns and eight interceptions. 754 of those yards came after the catch. His yards per attempt was a solid 8.2. His QB rating on first down was 87.8.

PFF did not run the numbers for first and 10 or first and five. It starts with second down.

2nd and long (8+ yards)

Palmer was actually quite effective in this situation. He was 90/127 for 982 yards, three scores and two picks. His QB rating was 94.7. He threw the ball down the field an average of eight yards. This is significant because it means he is "aiming for the sticks," rather than dumping the ball underneath.

2nd and medium (4-7 yards)

In this situation, Palmer was 32/55 for 298 yards, two touchdowns and three interceptions. Interestingly enough, on this down and distance, he was more likely to take a deeper shot, as his throws averages 10.1 yards per throw down the field.

2nd and short (<4 yards)

This is one of the coolest stats. The Cardinals did not throw the ball a single time according to PFF on second and short. They only ran the ball. A double check on the NFL records shows the Cards threw the ball eigh times all year on second and short.

3rd and 10+

Palmer was 27/44 (61.3 percent completion rate) for 407 yards, four TDs and three INTs. He would take shots down the field -- 12.2 yards down the field on average.

3rd and long (6-10 yards)

In these situations, Palmer was 28/55 for 427 yards, three scores and three picks. Averaging 12 yards down the field with his throws, he clearly was trying to push the ball down the field.

3rd and medium (3-5 yards)

Palmer was 30/50 for 325 yards and two touchdown and two interceptions.

3rd and short (1-2 yards)

In these situations, Palmer didn't throw much -- 14 times. He was 9/14 for 74 yards and a pick.