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Arizona Cardinals receiving corps fall short of 'damn good'...for now

A look at where the Cards land among the best receiver groups in the NFL.

Jonathan Ferrey

With Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd, the Arizona Cardinals have a one/two punch at receiver that most teams likely covet. With the addition of Ted Ginn and John Brown, there is great potential for this group to be dynamic.

SB Nation's Danny Kelly wrote a piece that discussed what teams have the best receiver groups in the league.

The Arizona Cardinals were part of that list.

According to Kelly, the elite teams at receiver included the Denver Broncos, Indianapolis Colts and Green Bay Packers. The "damn good" teams at receiver include the 49ers, Saints and Bengals.

It isn't until you get to the part of "dynamic duos" that the Cardinals are mentioned.

What can I say about Larry Fitzgerald that hasn't already been said? He's one of the best receivers in his generation -- catches everything, is tough as hell, is the nicest guy ever, has incredible teeth, and wears ascot scarves. His protege in Michael Floyd is no slouch either, and has developed into a very dangerous weapon opposite Fitz.

Arizona has some nice depth pieces behind those two in Ted Ginn and the rookie John Brown, but Larry and Floyd (sounds like the bizarro characters of Dumb and Dumber) are the two pillars of that pass offense.

Because Ginn in his career could be labeled a disappointment at receiver and Brown is an unproven rookie from a small school, the assessment is fair. However, early returns from both the guys not named Fitz or Floyd lead most Cardinals fans here to think that this core of receivers has elite potential.

At the very least, by the time the season gets rolling, they should be considered damn good.

Do you agree with Kelly? Is the Cardinals group of receivers more a dynamic duo plus some other guys, or are they more than that? And with the rather mediocre stats that Fitz has put together over the last two seasons, are they closer to dropping out of the dynamic duo than stepping up into the damn good?