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Arizona Cardinals offensive line considered 'wild cards'

The personnel changes have the unit showing some potential.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

As it is still the offseason, it means that we must rank and list things. After seeing where the Arizona Cardinals' receiving corps rank with the rest of the league, the SB Nation series wraps up with the offenisve line rankings.

Again it was Danny Kelly who wrote up these rankings and the Cards are even mentioned -- not even for being terrible.

Kelly lists the Eagles, Broncos 49ers, Patriots and Bengals as teams with elite lines.

Among the "damn good" are the Cowboys, Lions, Saints and TItans.

Where are the Cardinals? The make up a group known as "wild cards."

The Cardinals' offensive line wasn't their strong suit in 2013 (ok, they were bad) and may not be in 2014, but I think there is a distinct potential there for a huge jump in effectiveness. Therefore, because I figured I'd throw one really weird one in, they're in my Wild Cards group.

Arizona went out and successfully signed one of the top left tackles on the market in Jared Veldheer, and will place him outside their first-round pick from 2013 in LG Jonathan Cooper. Cooper's broken leg his rookie year may have people forgetting about him, but the left-side combination of Veldheer and Cooper has immense potential and could set the tone for the Cardinals this season.

On the right side of the line, projected starters right now are incumbents Paul Fanaika and Bradley Sowell, but it will be very interesting to see if 2012 fourth-rounder Earl Watford and the intriguing Bobbie Massie emerge as starters at right guard and right tackle, respectively, after camp. It's a projection, for sure (hence: Wild Cards), but Arizona could really surprise some people with a Veldheer - Cooper - Sendlein - Watford - Massie starting offensive line.

This analysis happens to right in line with what many fans believe. The expectation is to see some good play from the line, which has traditionally been subpar at best.

With a healthy Cooper and Veldheer, and the development of Watford and Massie, there is some serious potential for the line.

Do you think the Cardinals line will be able to play well enough to move up a notch or two, when it comes to recreation?