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Countdown to kick off: 76 days left, who has worn No. 76?

Another day...


With 76 day remaining until the Arizona Cardinals play on Monday Night Football against the San Duiego Chargers to start their regular season.

And who has worn jersey number 76?

It currently belongs to lineman Nate Potter, drafted in the seventh round in 2012 and became the starting left tackle halfway into his rookie year. He hasn't started since, but has become very versatile and will have to battle for a roster spot this year in training camp.

From 2006-2011, it belonged to another offensive lineman -- Deuce Lutui. Lutui was a local kid, growing up in Mesa and going to Mesa High School before he went to USC for college. He was drafted by the Cardinals and played well early. He struggled with his weight almost every season he was here and eventually fell out of grace with the Ken Whisenhunt staff. They let him go in favor of Rex Hadnot and then replaced Hadnot with Adam Snyder.

After those two guys, I actually don't remember anyone that preceded them.

In 2005, it belonged to tackle Ian Drake, who played in two games for the Cardinals.

Cameron Spikes, a guard, wore it in 2003 and 2004. He started all 16 games for the Cards in 03 at left guard and nine games in 04.

Jerry Drake, a defensive lineman, wore it from 1995-99. He made the team as an undrafted rookie in 1995 and appeared in 13 games in his first two years, all off the bench. He played in and started one game in 98 and then was a starter in 1999. As a starter, he had 72 tackles and a sack. He didn't play in the league after that.

In 1991, it was defensive lineman Craig Patterson. It was his only year in the league and he made the team as an undrafted rookie out of BYU. He started 13 games and had an interception.

Mark Traynowicz, an offenisve lineman, wore 76 in his seven appearances over two seasons in 1988-89.

Guard Mark MacDonald wore 76 in one game in 1988, the team's first in Arizona.

In 1987 until the last half of 1988, it belonged to defensive lineman Mark Garalczyk. He played in 17 games over the two seasons. He picked up 2.5 sacks.

Here are the rest:

1980-86 -- DL Stafford Mays (seven seasons with the team, only eight starts, but seven seasons!)

1975-79 -- DL Charles Davis (57 starts for the team)

1973 -- G Ron Davis

1972 -- DT Scott Palmer

1969-71 -- T Vern Emerson

1966 -- OL John McDowell

1962 -- DT George Hultz

1959 -- T Mac Lewis

1957 -- DT Tom Finnin

1956 -- DT-T Harry Jagielski

1955-56 -- T Burt Delavan

1952 -53 -- DL Volney Peters

76 apparently is a rather unremarkable number historically. When Deuce Lutui and Jerry Drake are battling for best of the number, it isn't great. Do you remember any of these players before Lutui?

Oh, tomorrow is the dreaded number 75!!!!