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NFL offseason: What's happening around the NFC West

The Cardinals news has been... Only pretty good this off season, but what about the rest of the NFC West? How do the Cardinals opponents look through mini camps?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It's not easy to be in the best division in football, especially with the so-so, on paper, offseason the Arizona Cardinals have had so far.

San Francisco 49ers:

The Good

  • While the 49ers secondary has a lot of question marks, there seems to be a buzz about their off season additions and how they have played in camp, especially Chris Cook and Daryl Morris.
  • Carlos Hyde has been raved about and with Frank Gore on his last leg for his third consecutive season it's comforting (not comforting for Cardinals fans, I assume) to know that there is such talent waiting in the wings.
  • Bruce Ellington looks like he could be that special burner that so many teams covet.
The Bad
  • All of the hold outs and injury concerns.
  • The right side of the offensive line: It would make the Cardinals fans lick their lips at the thought of Jonathan Martin and Joe Looney in place of Anthony Davis (shoulder surgery) and Alex Boone (holdout). That would also bring to light the offensive line play and the running backs ability.
  • The Jim Harbaugh distraction.
The Good
  • Their bling is pretty nice, I am slightly jealous.
  • The Seahawks continue to add talent, cheap, from the free agent pile with the signing of Kevin Williams.
  • The offense, if healthy, should be the most productive and dynamic of the Carroll era a very Arians like receiving core.
The Bad
  • Marshawn Lynch is unhappy about his contract.
  • Their offensive line is still a work in progress.
  • Have to find new nickel corner, but this may be like the Cardinals and ILB's, where it is more scheme than talent needed, but it is something to watch going forward.
The Good
  • Sam Bradford looks sharp. (Stop me if you've hear this before)
  • They are looking to get Tavon Austin the ball more, and he and Steadman Bailey have looked very good in OTA's.
  • Aaron Donald looks to be everything he was hyped to be (which really isn't what the Cardinals need with that DL already).
The Bad
  • The Rams entire season is dependent on the health of Sam Bradford (who looked strong) and Jake Long and Scott Wells coming back healthy. Always a concern when your QB, LT and starting C are all coming off bad injuries.
  • Speaking of the offensive line, Greg Robinson has STRUGGLED mightily in his transition to guard.
The Cardinals have had plenty of questions about them, heck Jess is channeling his inner Seth with all the negative posts popping up about the Cardinals from around the internet lately, but let's not forget that outside of maybe Seattle, there are just as many questions to answer for the other teams within the division.
At this time, it really is anyone's game, barring a major injury, and it wouldn't shock anyone to see this division flipped on its head... or to hold serve again.